Our expertise also includes directing worldwide patent prosecution strategies for clients.
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We have represented a number of clients in the patent application process, including:

• Acushnet Company
• Société BIC
• Benjamin Moore
Is to provide corporate and individual clients with the caliber of legal services a client would expect from a large national firm, but with attention to client needs. What sets us apart from the other small patent firms is our ability to assist our clients with all aspects of patent law, whether it be U.S. and international patent prosecution, counseling, licensing, intellectual property audit, or patent litigation.

Our firm's philosophy is that a single, properly crafted patent is worth a hundred average patents. A patent doesn't exist in a vacuum. To have value, it needs to be drafted with an eye not only toward a competitor's products, but also the client's own products and innovations. A properly crafted patent should be able to help our client compete in the real world!
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